Space Ranger Competition

Embrace waste, use it in space!

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Enter our world space week competition!


Design and build a space related item using only recycled materials. You should source these materials yourself from home or school. Produce a poster showing us the features of your design, what materials you used for it and where you sourced them from. This should be no more than 1 A4 page.

Choose a ranger name for you or your team and design a ranger badge to go with your entry.



Entries will be marked using the following judging criteria.

Judges will consider the design, construction and materials used in your item.


How creative and original are your ideas?

Is your design something we’ve not seen before? Have you built it in a different way that is more effective? Have you found your materials in a resourceful way?


How clearly have you presented your ideas?

Is your poster clear and detailed? Can we easily understand your design and material sources? How well formatted is your poster?


How sustainable are your materials?

Have you thought about the impact of your materials on the planet? Have you used any construction tools that aren’t recycled (eg. tape)? Have you found a use for a material that isn’t commonly recycled?



Entries can be from individual students or groups/classes. Students in groups can be from different year groups but should be from the same key stage. 

Parents and teachers are encouraged to get students to think about the different roles and tasks required to complete the overall task effectively. They should be thinking about the process of getting from an initial idea to the final product. This is applicable for both individual and group entries.

Students can approach the task in multiple ways and potentially find that one is more effective. For example, they could start by seeing what recyclable materials they can find and then design a product with them, or they can come up with a design for their product and then go about sourcing the materials they need.

The details on the poster are just as important as the finished product.

Fantastic prizes from Baker Ross will be awarded for the top 3 individual and top 3 group/class entries and certificates will be awarded.


We strongly encourage the use of recycled objects where possible. However should you require any additional essentials for this or any future creative projects, the discount code SPACE15 is available on the Baker Ross website and will give you 15% off orders over £20!!


  1. Entries should be submitted using the entry form provided. Entries should be submitted in pdf format with one pdf file only.
  2. Entries should contain an image of the ranger badge, then no more than one A4 page poster followed by images of the built item. Multiple photos are allowed if it allows us to get a better view of the item.
  3. All entries should be submitted by the given deadline. Any late entries will not be considered for judging.
  4. Entrants in groups can be from different year groups but should be from the same key stage (ie. a group of year 3 and 4 students is allowed as they’re all in KS2).
  5. Only one parent/teacher contact is needed per entry.
  6. All submitted content can be used on Galactic Challenge and Baker Ross websites and social media.


Tips and Hints!

  • Listen to everyone’s ideas! Chances are the best idea will be a combination of multiple peoples original ideas.
  • Plan out the steps needed to complete the task so you don’t miss anything
  • Be creative! This is outer space, don’t be afraid to push limits!
  • Have fun!!


Entry Deadline: Friday 28th October

Entries are to be submitted using the button below.