Corporate Sponsorship

If what we do is as good as we think it is, then it is more than worthwhile for you in industry and business to support these future technicians, engineers and business managers who will take us into the future.The students are a unique group, whether from state or private schools, male or female. They are eager to acquire the knowledge that will fill the specialist gaps we are currently experiencing in the UK.

We hope for long term corporate partnerships and go out of our way to make your sponsorship beneficial. Once you become involved, I am confident you will want to continue. The best way to experience the Galactic Challenge or Space Design Competition is to attend one. We cordially invite you.

For more information this link will take you to our sponsor information.

Please contact Dr Randall Perry to discuss corporate sponsorship.
+44 7506 303 633

Dr.Randall S. Perry
Space Science and Engineering Foundation, CEO and Honorary Chair