Dubai British Schools – Jumeirah Park
7th of March 2021

Selected quotes from the 490 students participating in the first UAE Galactic Challenge, 2021:

“It was very fun, brain-storming and working with friends, being active for the whole day and managing was an enjoyable experience.”

“I like that we’re doing fun activities that we haven’t learned or experienced and then we’re sharing/creating some great ideas about what we understand.”

“I liked how we got to work together with the people we have good relationships with, and there were no limits in our creations and imaginations of how the work should be in the final result.”

“How we got to design and create most of the day instead of doing lessons.”

“I liked how everyone was working together, giving feedback to other groups, helping other groups and getting their opinion on our work.”

“Exploring different ways to live in space.”

“I liked how the groups were working together and helping each other to create and innovate.”

“That we could think about what will happen to the future and we can use our own imagination to construct something.”

“The independence!”

“I liked when we did teem work.”

“It was the perfect way to test everyones co-operation and teamwork skills, and to test our knowledge about Mars.”

“I liked how there were different teams, like structural, operations, automation and human. I also liked how they gave us a full school day to make sure that we have the best product as possible.”

“It allowed us to think ahead of our time and make projects we might have thought looked insane in the present, but it can work in the future.”

“I enjoyed how I got to work with the class and how the teacher did not have to help us!”