Design Your Own Space Settlement

Designing a Space Settlement is hard work but also very fun It is likely that you know some facts about space, and you have heard of the International Space Station (ISS), and probably you have even seen some pictures or films of it. You probably know that you would float in Space as there is no gravity, and that your weight will be less on the Moon. The new generation of ISS is called Deep Space Gateway, and is being planned for the 2020’s. Deep Space Gateway will orbit the Moon rather than the Earth, as it is hoped this will provide a gateway to assist further space exploration.

Your generation is likely to be the first to live and work in space. What discoveries will have been made by then?

Once again, you obviously do not know that answer. However, you can use your imagination, and the science you do know, to join us at the Galactic Challenge, and give yourself the opportunity to put some of your ideas into practice. Working as part of a team, you will pool your ideas and design your very own space settlement.