What people have to say

Sponsors -

“It’s not rocket science – it is”

David Dangoor of Dangoor Education

Students -

“I never knew I had so many ideas in my head.”

Student participant Bede’s School January 20, 2018


“What an opportunity! Making a society on Mars was so fun. My favourite part was the presentations because we got to show off all of our amazing ideas and it was fascinating to see everyone else’s ideas”

Flynn Sweeting (Year 7)


“I really enjoyed being Head of Structures it enabled me to take charge and I liked how I was responsible to connect with other Heads of Department.”

Henry Belk (Year 7)


“I enjoyed working together and solving problems”

Theo Lovegrove (Year 7)


“Fun but serious!”

Donnie Cecil (Year 7)


‘It was great to work independently without any teacher helping.”


“It was my second time at Galactic Day and I really looked forward to the day – it didn’t disappoint.”


“I learnt a lot, especially about energy and conditions on Mars.”


“Great to work with the older more experienced leaders who helped to guide us as the team CEOs”


“A brilliant scientific day for learning and making new friends and sharing ideas”


“It was exciting to think about designing for the future rather than just thinking of ideas to help us as we live now and it presented new challenges as we had to think outside the box”

Students throughout the competition


Schools -

“I’ve been involved in promoting science and engineering to the next generations for the past twenty years since graduating in mechanical engineering. I have rarely come across an event which so elegantly educates and inspires young people about what it is to be an engineer. I was genuinely shocked by the quantity of ideas the participants were able to produce. We will definitely be bringing students back next year.” 

Dr Kerstyn Comley, Chair of Governors, Wapping High Schoolhool


Teachers -

“When students return from the competition they often become top of their class in terms of the efficiency of their work and their ability to meet deadlines…Students come back from the competition freshly inspired about (their) career path.”

Imran Farzal Cardiff Sixth Form College currently principal in Guangdong Province China


“Bede’s Galactic Challenge was a great experience for all involved. Excellent organisation and the friendly enthusiasm of the students ensured that the day ran really well, with the mixed teams of students, each drawn from a number of different schools, collaborating happily and producing impressive design proposals. There was a real buzz as they researched and refined their ideas and the confidence with which they presented their ideas – and defended them in the face of probing questions from the panel of judges – proved just how much they had gained in both knowledge and confidence from the experience.”

Bill Tucker, Trinity School is a member of The Whitgift Foundation


A Galactic Challenge event will see your students, and those from other invited schools, working together to produce design proposals that will amaze you with their scope, detail and inventiveness. The day is driven by the students themselves rather than being teacher-led, and they will discover in themselves resourcefulness, imagination and team-working ability that is rarely so effectively drawn out. Friendly rivalry between the teams gives the Challenge a tang of competitiveness that the students really enjoy, while judging feedback is shaped to ensure all students receive positive feedback and affirmation so that at the end of the day every individual goes away with enhanced self-confidence and a strong sense of personal fulfilment.”

Bill Tucker, Trinity School is a member of The Whitgift Foundation

Parents -

Toby got to experience Space Design today at the Bede’s Galactic Challenge, his comment on the way home -“I didn’t realise engineering was so much fun, there’s so much I want to go home and research and find more out about’ – mission accomplished”

Dr Suzsanne Lewis after Bede’s on the 20th Jan 17