Design your own Space Settlement

Design your own Space Settlement

What would it be like to live in Space? What sort of things would you really need, and what things could you manage without? How far into space will humans have travelled by 2080?

Whilst no one knows the answers to those questions, I am sure you could let your imagination run wild and come up with some brilliant ideas.

Interested? Go to the compete page and find a Galactic Challenge near you.

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What people say and think

“I’ve been involved in promoting science and engineering to the next generations for the past twenty years since graduating in mechanical engineering. I have rarely come across an event which so elegantly educates and inspires young people about what it is to be an engineer. I was genuinely shocked by the quantity of ideas the participants were able to produce.”

Dr Kerstyn Comley, Chair of Governors, Wapping High School

What people say and think

Work as a team...let your mind explore

“I never knew I had so many ideas in my head.” – Student Bede’s 2018

“I really enjoyed being Head of Structures it enabled me to take charge and I liked how I was responsible to connect with other Heads of Department” – Henry Belk

“It was exciting to think about designing for the future rather than just thinking of ideas to help us as we live now and it presented new challenges as we had to think outside the box” GC participant 2017.

Become a company president, structural engineer, robot creator, design living quarters or develop a business spending plan. All within your own company set 70 years in the future… on a space settlement!