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Inspiring the next generation through unique, space themed, STEM based realistic industrial simulation programmes

The students you sponsor in the Galactic Challenge will become your best employees in the future. Make no mistake the students expand their horizons at the Galactic Challenge. They become excited about working as a team, seeing how companies and industry works. Learn Gantt Charts and costing. And they do it all on their own. They learn* something that is all too rare in industry – critical thinking. Thinking outside the box, coming up with creative solutions. As the students go through school, progress as mentors, enter the senior Space Design Competition, university, internships and then to helping you build the companies that really work in the modern world. They will never forget the people they meet, the friends they make or the companies that helped them in their early life. Becoming a sponsor is not a one way street. It is as good for you as it is for the young designers and explorers of tomorrow.

The Galactic Challenge is the newest addition to the Space Science and Engineering Foundation’s programme of space science and engineering. Teams of Key Stage 3 students take on the exciting mission of imagining a space settlement in accordance with a design brief, covering all aspects of a settlement design: structure, power generation, human habitation, operations, and robotics. Students lead their own teams, and race against the clock to bring their proposals to life in the form of a detailed brief presented to the judges
Promoting critical thinking and self-confidence along with engineering and management or teaching as a career are some of the objectives of the Galactic Challenge. We reach out to children who may never have contemplated a future as an engineer or scientist. The competition is a fast-paced, high-pressure environment; students are encouraged to explore the boundaries of their knowledge and abilities, and break through them. There is a focus on building real-world competencies such as teamwork, leadership, problem solving and presentation skills. The Galactic Challenge offers a realistic simulation of industry; the design brief is a Request for Proposal, the teams are engineering companies, and the judges are customers seeking to pick a prime contractor.

The generous support of global business, partnerships and engineering firms is crucial to the success of the Galactic Challenge. Students leave our events with first-hand experience of engineering and systems management in the real world, and go on to become your future apprentices, graduates, innovators and leaders. Sponsoring a Galactic Challenge is your chance to make a memorable impact on young people taking their first steps in management and engineering; by investing in them, you will ensure that the best and brightest technicians and managers of tomorrow are ready and able to enter the workplace and drive the growth of your business.
*Constructivism: A Psychological Theory of Learning, Fosnot and Perry, 2005

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