World Space Week

World Space Week 2022: Become a Space Ranger

4th-10th October 2022

Embrace waste, use it in space!

Challenge yourself to tackle sustainability in space during world space week!

For world space week 2022 we let you all embrace waste in space by launching our first ever space ranger competition!

We asked you to design and build a space related item using only recycled materials, sourcing these materials yourself from home or school, and produce a poster showing us the features of your design, what materials you used for it and where you sourced them from. This should be no more than 1 A4 page. Choose a ranger name for you or your team and design a ranger badge to go with your entry.

Entry deadline has now closed.

Fancy giving it a go? See what you can come up with! We’re happy to give feedback and let you know what we think by emailing designs to

Click below to see the winning entries…