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GC Host event checklist

GC Host event checklist

Galactic Challenge Host Organisation Event Checklist


  • Registration forms received from schools in final version. Any allergies accounted for and special conditions confirmed.
  • Teams allocated and company names chosen. Ensure that teams are equally balanced across gender and age.
  • Volunteers assigned to teams and roles. Choose Exec Chairs, technical experts and hosts.
  • Brief volunteers formally to ensure students understand what their role is and how they are to assist during the day.
  • Ensure sufficient staff are attending event. Make a list (mental or physical) of competing school staff attending. Arrange somewhere for staff members to stay throughout the day if they choose to.
  • Assign rooms to the different team spaces, central venue, and staff/student restrooms.
  • Provide reliable internet access to schools. Consider setting up a one-day logon for students to use.
  • Arrange catering – either through requesting lunch be provided by competing schools or by the catering departments. Remember to consider snacks/water throughout the day as well and any dietary requirements.
  • Consider the number of parents attending and make suitable arrangements – refreshments, seating, etc.
  • Organise staff members to attend – SMT, science teachers, admissions, etc.
  • Arrange AV access in the central venue. Include a way to display PowerPoints.
  • Decide on a way to collect presentations. Use memory sticks or direct emails.
  • If providing transport to schools, ensure that this has been arranged, either with internal or third-party transportation services.
  • Decide on a way to end the competition and announce the winner. Methods include an envelope, a PowerPoint announcement, or a verbal presentation.
  • Invite judges or special guests to the event. Look for non-SSEF personnel to make up the judging panel as well as members of the charity.



  • Adapt the provided template timetable or write a new one to fully plan out the event time. Distribute to schools alongside the initial invitation.
  • Prepare invitation to schools and coordinate with the marketing department of your school to secure contacts.
  • Finalise an invitation to parents, either directly inviting them or passing an invite through competing schools.
  • Send Press Release to competing schools in order to build excitement approximately three days before the event.
  • Liaise with SSEF to decide on an RFP to use. Print the specified number of copies out. Do not distribute the physical copy.
  • Print associated fact and cheat sheets for the RFP.
  • Source medals for winning company and certificates for every participant.
  • Design and source ‘souvenirs’ for each competitor. The concept is flexible but could include badges, lapel pins, or t shirts.
  • Design/Print company organisational documents. These include the leadership hierarchy, departmental descriptions, and room signage.
  • Place all of the documents each company requires into a folder/sleeve to store conveniently. Distribute to Exec Chairs on event day.
  • If desired, prepare speeches for the introduction and presentation periods.
  • Prepare name badges or stickers for every volunteer and competitor.
  • Print any creative or advertising documents in use. This can include flyers, programs, or leaflets and can be official SSEF material or designed internally.
  • Prepare introductory and victory presentations, ensuring that the correct winning team is selected at the end(!).
  • Contact Jenny Lyons,  Bill Richards or Evan Meyrick for further information.