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Shoreham Academy goes to Mars

Shoreham Academy hosts Galactic Challenge. In an ambitious and inspiring endeavour, Year 7 students from around Sussex embarked on the Galactic Challenge, setting their sights on designing a research settlement on the red planet, Mars. Our hosts, Shoreham Academy, Galactic Challenge brought together students from esteemed institutions Portslade Aldridge Community Academy, Seahaven Academy, and Cardinal […]

How We Think and Learn

How We Think And Learn A chapter originally written for the senior Space Design Competition but applies equally well to the Galactic Challenge …from Chapter 13 The UK Space Design Competition book available at by Catherine Twomey Fosnot – Most people assume that learning results from teachers transmit ting knowledge: clearly explaining concepts, procedures […]

Why does the Galactic Challenge Work?

Randall Perry March 30,2018 We are often asked why the Space Design Competition (SDC) format works. Whilst my quick fire response when in the throes of organising an event is often, “It’s all the students’ own work, not ours”; this does belie the research and development that underpins the setting up and running of the […]